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Resolve to Stop Using the Word 'Should' in 2019

Have you set a New Year's Resolution for yourself? How about the resolution to resolve the word "should" from our vocabulary...

I feel strongly YODA-ish of the word “should”.” We either do or we don’t. Anyone that has taken a class of mine or worked with me, can attest being called out on the word “Should”. There are two uses to the verb “should”. The first is to criticize, the second is to indicate a prediction. I am good with the second...

“Should” is a criticism of ourselves. It also seems to unconscious trigger dis-empowering thought pattern. It’s often followed with something being pointed out as right or wrong. This is where so many of us get stuck. “Should” this be you, I invite you to create a new habit around this word.

We do not use the word ‘should’ at my clinic nor call each other out when it is used. The word pops up as a sign of acceptance and support. Should is undermining especially in health stories.

This is what sounds like.:

  • You should consider dieting or exercising to be healthy.

  • They should explain better.

  • They should support more.

  • I know I should eat better but.

  • I should exercise more but.

  • I should relax more; meditate/pray/ journal/do service) except.

Sounds bad, right? The alternative is actually pretty easy. Try these on for size:

  • I am too busy to start dieting and I want to eat healthier.

  • I feel better when I am on a regular exercise routine and finding the time is so challenging.

  • Meditation relaxes me even when it's for 5 minutes. I wonder how I can carve out 5 minutes a day.

This little piece of ownership of where you are shows you are letting go of criticism and can essentially turn your life around

Want to give yourself permission to? Then either “do it, or don’t. Set yourself up for a Fruitful New Year! Join the 5 Day Easy Habit Change Challenge; let go of Goal Setting and instead, invite healthy habits in. It’s a win, win.

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