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Pain Management Peripheral NeuropathyPain Relief Exercises on the Go

Peripheral Neuropathy - 4 Pain Relief Exercises on the Go

Sometimes when pain, numbness, and tingling in your hands and feet happen, it is easy to feel hijacked and distracted. Whether you are in a business meeting, out to dinner, at a recital, or things you can do to stop the discomfort.

The trick is to retrain your body is to focus on what is working. With chronic pain from PN nerves can start to over fire and lead to a cascade of reactions in your body. Chronic pain often involves overly excited nerves and your body is not at risk for more injury. Sensory techniques can calm down over sensitive nerves. The trick is to find the right ones for your body and your unique nervous system.

1.  Sound

Notice what happens to your breath after you have completed the exercise. Is it deeper, slower, more relaxed?  When it’s having a positive effect, you will feel a bit more relaxed. The experience of pain may or may not lessen and will in time the more you are able to relax while active.   

Practice the exercise frequently so when problems flare-up, it is a process you naturally start to do.

2.  Touch  

For hand pain, lightly touch the area outside the pain spots. When I say lightly, I mean barely touching, do circles, or strokes, whatever feels more comfortable.

Avoid touching the painful areas unless you feel this technique starts to relax the areas.

3.  Breathe 

Breathing can help to calm the nervous system when feeling pain. Try this trick of resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Breathe in and out through your nose as deeply or as shallowly as feels okay. 

Let your body be your guide.

4.  Move

Move gently in circles around the joint next to the pain areas. Do not move into pain, just move up to it and back.  Explore the edges and observe. If it’s your wrist for example, move your elbow and your fingers, keep your wrist relaxed.

I would love to hear how this works for you!!

To Your Health, Happiness & Success,


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