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Motivating Yourself to Move More

The word “should” seems to be an unconscious trigger that dis-empowers us from actually doing.

Do you should on yourself for not exercising enough? Or hear yourself thinking thoughts that discourage you from getting up and enjoying activities that have you moving around? Or worse, do you beat yourself up emotionally for being lazy?

Aging and healing from illness and injury are normal life stages. Different stages involve changes in the way we move. Our brain’s are always adapting our movements. This is very similar to how pets adapt to their movements. For example, I see my 10 year old white golden retriever still adapting to his movement as he as aged. I'll tell you a bit about what I mean below...

My dog loves the snow, playing tug, going to dog parks, and enjoys being at my side while I cook. Every opportunity to do the stuff he loves, has him sparkly eyed and wiggly tailed. In looking at him these past few months, I can see that he's beginning to slowdown and becoming less interested in all the movement and noises happening in our home; including the stuff that used to be fun to him. As a younger pup, Spock required more opportunity to run off his energy. Since he’s now older, he needs more stimulation, the right balance of nutrition and activity to live well. As good dog parents, we make sure we are giving him opportunities to choose to move and play. Whether he chooses to or not is on him.

How do you set yourself up to have fun moving and to learn what your body prefers?

Try these tips to help you motivate.

  1. Set up movement triggers around your house. Things like a 2 lb weight near a chair you sit in, a hand gripper in your laundry room, eye and facial muscle exercises taped to your mirror, breathing exercise near staircases or a tape measure taped on the floor where you walk the line with good posture.

  2. Make a small commitment to stop and do some reps when you see these prompts.

  3. 3. Notice the ones you like more, strength, coordination, eye exercises and how they make you feel.

  4. Armed with a little knowledge about your body, you can leverage this info and pick exercises and activities that include more of what you love.

Need some help figuring this out? Don’t sweat it, we are here to help. Give us a call.

Enjoy the great August weather,

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