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How to Relieve Shoulder & Hand Stiffness

The problem for a lot of people who work with their hands and experience pain & stiffness is muscle fatigue.

As the day goes on and your body gets tired, your posture starts to slump.

When your posture slumps, your neck muscles tighten up to help. Your shoulders feel like rocks.

If you continue to work in the position you are in, your body slowly starts to lean into your hands. Before you know it, your hands are doing the fine motor work and also tense helping to hold up your body.

This becomes a tension pattern. One thing leads to another then another and an interesting tension pain cycle develops.

This is a compensation pattern for weak and tired muscles. In Brain Based Movement Training this is known as blurred movement maps.

So here is an easy thing you can do to train your body better if you find yourself having this problem.

The first is to check your posture breathe yourself up through your spine and get it as comfortable as you can.

Then inhale imagining the air going into you’re your back by your shoulders and upper back. Breathe this way for a few breaths or minutes until the tension starts to relax.

I love this drill because you can do this anywhere.

There are two reasons this works to relieve daily fatigue situations.

  1. The brain and muscles need oxygen. Oxygen is fuel to brain and muscles.

  2. Your brain has maps of all your movement patterns. When you move in tension over and over, your brain develops blurred movement maps. This simple drill interrupts the muscle tension pattern and keeps you moving better.

I would love to hear how this works for you.

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You Have the Capacity to Keep Getting Better and Better Your Entire Life.

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