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Health and WellnessEye Relaxation Drill

Andrea Carvin here at InnerSparks Rehab Gym and Spa where Growing Healthy Active High Performing Bodies in Midlife and Beyond is our highest priority.

Have you ever heard the expression that eyes are the windows to the soul? I have, and I believe there is some truth to it. The eyes communicate in non-verbal ways. When we are happy you can see it in our eyes. When we are sad, that is also reflected in our eyes.

There are times when people get tired and eyes start to droop or the ability to concentrate goes out the window. This is especially hard if you feel fatigue when you are at work. Work requires attentive and engaged eyes. Most of us have days that we would prefer to close our eyes for a while. hanging a sign saying, “out to lunch” or “mid-afternoon energy slump taking 30”. When that can't happen, there are little things that can.

Eye strain affects the whole body’s energy. With a little bit of help from your hands, you can re-energize.

Why try it?

Eye relaxation exercises decrease body fatigue, relax breathing and help people re-energize.

This exercise is another do anywhere; can't forget it at home.

Side Effects?

  • Feel better

  • Doesn’t cost a thing

  • No calories

  • It Feels good and is part of your natural re-energizing system.

Keeping your body healthy, aging well and vibrant happens with small simple exercises done over and over again.

Eye Relaxation Exercise

  1. Rub your hands together and create a little heat. 👐

  2. Fan them over your eyes.

  3. Breathe and Relax 👃

  4. Slide your fingertips down to make pitter patters like raindrop movements on your lids if your eyes are dry.

That’s it for this week, and our Vision Exercise Month. Check out the other blogs this month and let us know how the exercises are working for you.

To Your Health, Happiness & Success,


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