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Fundamentals of Brain-Based Training & Exercise

Aside from one of the most exciting things I can think of to study and play around with, Brain-Based Training and Exercise is well worth learning about. But before you continue reading take a few minutes of your time to ask yourself this: “Am I interested in growing my body better as I age?”

If your answer is yes, the next few paragraphs may open your eyes and change your future.

Everything you think, do, and feel is due to the brain and how it functions. The ability for scientists to understand movement and how the brain works is new, and I believe one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs for healthy aging, performance training, and rehabilitation.

You may have heard the term neural plasticity. This is what I am talking about and where the breakthroughs are happening in neuroscience. We now know the brain can change and does change constantly.

This knowledge is exciting to imagine because the right input plus the right amount of work can give us the ability to grow ourselves and be healthier changing our own brain on purpose.

Let Me Explain what this looks like.

Check out this quick informational video on Brain-Based training:

I have a little cousin that is learning to walk. He has started taking his first steps. His brain is changing as he is learning to pull himself upright, balance, and move forward.

His parents, family, friends, teachers, pets, and environment are all helping him and change his brain instinctively. This happens as they walk, help him move, motivate him to move, give him signals and cues through play, and celebrate his new movement patterns as he gets better at them. This is how the brain changes.

So, the science of neural plasticity studies these processes specifically and how brain activity is linked to specific function throughout the life span. Brain-Based Training and Exercise is the application of these principles based on neuroscience research to help people move, feel, and perform better throughout their lives.

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