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Exercises that Strengthen Peripheral Vision

Updated: May 31, 2019

Vision this, your body continues improving while you age.

Fantastic, Right??

In this generation, we are in our senior years for 25% of our lives. Remaining healthy as we age and free of disability is a vision that I believe most of us have. A slow and distressing decline is not my vision for aging well.

Fortunately, health is our brain and nervous systems natural design.

Having vibrant health is achievable as we age when our eye sight, balance, movement and breathing patterns are well.

This leads us to today's topic which focuses on self-help for your eyes. After all, improving vision is more than getting new prescription for glasses.

Your eyes are a combination of muscles and sensory/motor nerves. Looking at something like a book or a computer for long periods of times creates eye stiffness. Over time and from disuse, we experience a decline to the range of movement our eyes have. Posture and balance become affected as well.

Ready to find out how your eye muscle health is?

Try these steps to see if your eye muscles are at risk or weakened:

  1. Find a big wall to stand in front of.

  2. Face the wall at the walls mid-point.

  3. While keeping your head still, trace the outline of the wall with your eyes. (If you wear glasses try this both with and without your glasses; see if you notice any differences).

*Weakened eye muscles let you know they are weak when you know what to look for.

A few signs your muscles may be weakening include:

  • You sense strain as you trace the wall (especially the far corners).

  • You experience difficulty keeping your head still while moving your eyes.

  • Your eye movements are jerky in some places and don’t move smoothly.

There are many benefits to doing eye exercises beyond refreshing and improving eye movement. These include: posture, balance, speed of movement and energy.

There are many things you can do for weak eye muscle movement. Below, you will find an eye exercise for your peripheral vision.

Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise

  1. While either sitting or standing, locate a spot on a wall directly ahead of you.

  2. Maintain focus on that spot and while keeping your head still, bring your pointer fingers up and to your sides.

  3. Wiggle your fingers while moving your arms up and down forward and back until your fingers go out of your vision range then come back in.

  4. Repeat this exercise two or 3 times, repeating often.

*Note: Be sure to do this while your eyes are maintaining focus on the spot from step 1.

Not sure how to do this, watch a demonstration video below...

As your eyes begin to get stronger, there are many variations you can add to this exercise; have fun and enjoy. After all, we should be enjoying the things we do in our life and take pride in what we are doing to keep and maintain our health along the way...

Check out more videos from InnerSparks on YouTube by clicking here.

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