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A Brilliantly Simple Eye Exercise that Improves Movement

Did you know eye fatigue changes the way you move?

Your brain is in charge of your body and your nervous system is the body’s communication network.

When eyes are tired, the brain and nervous system let the body know. Movement and posture become tired too.

The good news is that this happens. The opposite is also true. After a break or in the morning, the eyes feel better. The body becomes more energized and you have stamina in your body. This is part of our natural design.

Most people think about eyes for vision to see objects. Movement is taken for granted or ignored until it’s not working well. To "see what I mean", try this close your eyes and move around. Did the way you move change? What happened to your posture, your balance, your speed?

Did you notice a little tension, hold your breath or anxiety? If you did, this is normal.

You do not have maps in your brain of how to move easily, safely, and smoothly without vision. But if you had to your brain and body are quite capable of developing these maps.

One source of pain & movement problems of our generation is too much time spent looking at one distance. Often the computer. Eye muscles get stiff and don’t focus as well. They get tired and your posture slumps. Eye exercises fix this. They are refreshing and relaxing for the entire body. Here is why.

The eyes have many different muscles on the inside and outside. Any muscle in your body can become weak and limited. You can train them to get stronger and to see very specialized things. Like athletes do.

If you are curious about eye exercises and whether you can benefit, try this drill. Notice right after what your body feels.

Eye Exercises

The following exercise is a gentle stretch. It also strengthens the muscles that move your eyes.

  1. Stand or sit in a comfortable position.

  2. Hold a pencil at arm’s length in front of your nose.

  3. Keep your head as still as you can. Move the pencil tip in a circle letting your eyes stay focused on the tip. Do this about 3-5 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

  4. That’s it. Do it often, increase the size of the circle as you get better at it. If you catch your head moving with your eyes, make the circle small and keep practicing.

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