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How to Set Up a Fun Home Exercise Program

Fitness experts everywhere agree that getting 30 minutes of exercise daily is key to a healthy lifestyle. Getting regular physical activity keeps your heart and bones strong, improves your strength and flexibility, and is a known mood-booster.

Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has you struggling to find opportunities for movement and exercise and/or you have an overall decrease in motivation to stay active. In-home exercises can help no matter the reason. 

Let me help you set up your FUN IN-HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM

In these 7 short YouTube Videos, I will demonstrate movements that are good for the body and brain. These are important to cover every day to stay healthy and keep you engaged in fun and active daily living.

I am not saying setting up an in-home exercise program will be easy... If it were, more of us would be in better shape. For seniors especially, motivation is an issue. But it is more than that... It's also those wonderful "don't do it" signals our brain sends through parts of our body when there is chronic inflammation, pain, or loss of sensation. 

Listen to this short video and consider whether making your home a place to move, play, and maybe have a little fun is for you. The challenge is to not listen to the impulse to do nothing and sit. Movement is medicine and helps to decrease problems from any type of inflammatory condition.

Please contact me with any questions you have. I am here for you 100% of the way and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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